Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shea Moisture Products at Walgreens

Shea Moisture Products
Now available at Walgreens stores

All the hair forums and blogs are buzzing about the Shea Moisture line which is now available at Walgreens stores.  The drugstore chain is doing a BOGO this week on all of the items in the line so if you've been thinking about trying it out, now is the time! 

Prior to this, the Shea Moisture line was only available at Target stores or online at  The products are made with natural and organic ingredients and are very affordable with each item going for $9.99 USD. 

Shea Moisture's
Dandruff & Dry Scalp Elixir

Even with all of the excitement on this promotion, I still wasn't too sure that the Walgreens in my area would have the Shea Moisture line stocked yet.  So tonight I decided to stroll by the hair aisle just to check and see if they had it.  There wasn't any Shea Moisture to be found.  I figured that maybe this Walgreens was a little bit late but then I stopped by the new items near the door and found a very small display with maybe five items from the line.  There were only one or two of each item.  I'm hoping that there will be some Curl Enhancing Smoothie left when I get around to shopping this Friday.  I already told my husband that I'm gearin' up for a product haul this week so look out Walgreens, I'm comin'!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Night Time Routine for the Corkscrew Braidout

The Corkscrew Braidout

I recently posted a video showing how I do my Corkscrew Braidout.  I call it this because of the way I roll the ends of each braid so that it makes a smooth spiral. 

The look is great for special occasions or when I just want big, curly hair.  To date, I have been able to keep the look going for about three days before it starts to look a little less than cute. 

I "Pineapple" the
Curls on top of my
I do the pineapple method by pushing the curls up on top of my head and wrapping it up with my satin scarf and bonnet. 

First, I push all of my hair upwards and then use bobby pins to keep it pulled back off of my face and up in the back. 

Then I use a loose band to put all of my hair in so it stays up.  After the hair is up, I fold a square satin scarf in half to make a triangle and use that to wrap around the
 sides so they don't get fuzzy. 

I protect the look
 with a satin bonnet

Finally, I put my satin bonnet on over the whole thing to protect the curls at the top and that's it.

I like the lightweight feel of this style so I just use a tiny bit of coconut oil each night before I wrap it up.  When the look starts to get old, I either co-wash or just pull it back into a bun for another day or so.

Natural Hair Style--The Corkscrew Braidout

I'm finally all finished with my Corkscrew Braidout video. When I blogged about this style a few months ago, I realized that the process may be easier for other naturals to follow if I just illustrated it in a video on my channel. This has become my go-to style for special occasions because I don't have to use any heat to get a fluffy, curly look. The other reason why I wanted to get this tutorial up is because I noticed that there aren't that many videos on natural hair styles that use setting lotion as the main holding product. I never thought to use it for a braidout but it works great while leaving the hair soft and lightweight. I'm just glad to have finally found a braidout method that is pretty much fool proof and delivers every time.

See more of my videos on my channel "mitchellzee" on

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Length Check-February 2011

Since I'm on a hair growth journey, I can get antsy sometimes because I don't always get to see my hair's true length under all this shrinkage.  Last month I decided to straighten my hair out to see where it's at right now lengthwise. 

Since I have layers and bangs, the longest part is in the back which is why I take pictures so I can see where it falls.  At first I didn't really think that it looked like much because I still have a ways to go before I reach my current goal of APL.  However, when I compared it to a picture that I took last year I actually saw how far I've come.  The other thing I noticed is that my hair isn't as short as I thought it was since my cut in January.  I was scared that maybe I cut a little too much since I did it on slightly stretched hair.  Am I going to make it to APL by 2 year Nappiversary?  For me, it's still hard to say.  Either way, I can see that I am making progress.

Monday, March 14, 2011

YouTube Inspiration: Trimming Natural Hair

This is the video that inspired me to trim my hair in January.  Normally I just wait to do trims when my hair is straight.  This showed me that I can still get a nice even cut without using heat first to stretch my hair out.   When I straightened my hair out recently I checked to see if there were any long pieces that I missed but was surprised to find that my hair was pretty even.  This method definitely works so I thought I would share.

Video by  YAISnyc

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Henna Gloss How To

I like to use Henna to blend in my grays and strengthen my hair but I don't always have time to do a full Henna application.  I read up on Henna glosses sometime last year and now I'll do that when I'm short on time or just want to stretch my Henna stash.  It's like doing a deep conditioning treatment with Henna added.  This way you get some of the benefits of Henna without the long, messy process.

Henna Gloss using
Henna, Conditioner and Natural Oils
Basically, instead of using enough Henna powder to cover all of your hair, you only need a couple of tablespoons.  You still mix it with water, green tea or lemon juice which will start the dye release process.  I add enough to make it into a pudding like consistency.  Then, when I'm ready to apply it, I add lots of my Suave Naturals Coconut Conditioner for a creamy base and then whatever natural oils I chose for deep conditioning.  Recently I even added plain yogurt to the mix and was really surprised by the results.  My hair felt so lush afterwards it wasn't even funny!

I like to dampen my hair before applying the Henna gloss because it seems to go on a bit easier that way.  After it's all in I sometimes sit under the dryer with a plastic baggie for maybe thirty minutes and then leave it on for awhile after that.  Rinsing it out is waaay easier than rinsing out a full henna treatment.  The conditioner gives a lot of slip so it comes right out.  Then I like to co-wash to make sure that I got it all.  It's easier but still helps to blend my gray strands...can't beat that.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Back to Basics: The Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

I was never really a big fan of doing Apple Cider Vinegar Rinses when I started out on my natural journey.  I kept reading how it worked as a clarifier.  I even watched (and understood) KimmayTube's videos on pH Balance and knew how it worked to close the hair cuticle.  Still, no matter how many times I tried, it just didn't seem to do anything for my hair.  Then I found out about the Organic Apple Cider Vinegar by Bragg's.  I thought maybe that would make a difference but it still seemed like nothing was happening.

My hair after an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse
(detangled with the Denman Brush)
Recently, I decided to get "back to basics" and start washing my hair more often.  I don't want to use shampoo everytime so I sometimes co-wash and then follow that with a vinegar rinse.  At first, I kept getting the same blah response.  Finally, by accident I think, I poured more vinegar into the container than usual.  Then, I filled it the rest of the way with water from the shower head like I always do.  I could tell right away that something was different.  I could feel the conditioner slipping down my strands.  It was actually removing all of the extra and giving me a clean feeling without leaving my hair stripped.  I left it in for a few minutes before doing a lukewarm rinse.  When I got out, I noticed how soft and fluffy my hair felt. 

I honestly couldn't believe how good my hair looked.  I didn't even want to put anything else in it because I was afraid to mess it up.  Now, whenever I do an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse, I always make sure that I'm using enough vinegar.  I always eyeball it but I would say it's at least a 1/4 cup (at the bottom of a tall water bottle) and then I fill it to the top with regular water.  I'm so glad I decided to try it again.  It definitely works for me...finally.

The Puff-My New Favorite Style

Wash n' Go Puff Using
Suave Naturals Coconut Conditioner
and Eco Styler (Argan Oil) Gel
I remember looking through tons of photos and videos of natural hairstyles while I was transitioning.  I was always impressed with how big and fluffy natural hair can get. 

Now, nearly two years later (since the BC), I'm finally starting to see some big hair on my own head.  I just recently noticed that I actually have a decent size puff goin' on so it's my go-to style when I want something easy.  I have to be careful though because the headbands I use can be tight at first.  I really wish that I could wear the style everyday but I don't want to lose my edges or cause any breakage. 

Braid-out Pony Puff
Using a Banana Clip

What I find that works is I'll wash my hair (usually at night) and then prep it for a braid-out or wash n' go.  Then, I'll wear it down the following day.  The day after that, if the style is not as cute as the first day, I'll put it up in a puff.  When my hair is stretched from braids and twists, I can usually fit my hair into a banana clip that I place horizontally to make a full pony-puff.  After a wash n' go, I'll just re-wet my hair and then push it back with a headband until it stops (right at the crown).  I'm definitely looking forward to wearing my hair like this during the summertime. It's so easy and keeps my hair off of my shoulders.  I just hope that it will also help me get to APL.  Fingers crossed.


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