Natural Discovery

I discovered my naturally curly hair texture only a couple of years ago when I started the transition to wear my hair Natural.  I consider myself Natural because I no longer use a chemical relaxer to alter the "natural" texture of my hair. Once I learned about how damaging chemicals were to my hair I decided to make changes in how I maintained it.

I began reading labels on hair products more and more.  This made me consider what ingredients were in other beauty products.  Finally, I started looking at the foods that we eat on a daily basis. I pretty much went all the way down the rabbits' hole and have been there ever since.  

Now, I spend more time reading what's listed on the back label rather than believing what a company states on the front. It's sometimes trial and error finding things that are best for me and my family but at least now I'm thinking about it more.

I hope to use this blog as a way to share my findings with others who are looking for ways to style, maintain and grow their natural hair.   I may also discuss some natural alternatives to commercial items we use everyday.  My main focus is bath, body, hair and makeup.   I'll also be talking about my approach to gardening, cooking and eating right.


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