About Me

I live in a suburb outside of Denver, Colorado. I am married with 3 kids...all boys...two of them are twins! I'm a stay at home mom now but, I worked in a hotel for a number of years. There I gained experience in Catering and Event Coordinating.

I studied Art at a private college in Louisiana. Currently, my main focus is Photography (portraits, nature and sometimes weddings) but I sometimes do freelance Graphic Design.  I also enjoy crafting with yarn (knitting and crochet).

Colorado is a great place for outdoor activities so we like to get out a lot. We enjoy hiking as a family for exercise.  My husband does a lot of gardening and I've got the bug to grow things too.  We mostly grow edible herbs and vegetables.

I looove to cook! Cooking is actually relaxing for me. I make a lot of things from scratch and sometimes cut corners when I'm in a pinch.  I've learned a lot of tricks in the kitchen so I look forward to sharing those.


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