Thursday, July 30, 2015

My Summertime Wash n' Go Routine

The results from
My current wash n' go routine
with my new bangs
Now, we all know that a wash n' go is really just what we say when we wear a style that shows off our natural curls right?  Okay then, with that said, this is what I've been doing for the past few weeks for MY wash n' go (insert smiley face here).  To be honest, the hot, summer-like weather did not hit us Coloradans until mid July.  For that reason, I've only just recently gotten into a routine for my curly hair.

Last month I picked up The Conditioner by Paul Mitchell, which is actually a leave-in.  This stuff leaves my hair so soft and moisturized.  I decided to start using it under my hair gel in place of the Aussie Moist that I was using throughout the winter.  I found out that using too much of the Aussie product led to heavy buildup and dryness.  The Paul Mitchell product is lighter and doesn't have the type of silicones in it that will cause those problems.

Another star in my product lineup is the Curl Love Moisture Milk by Camille Rose Naturals.  It's a creamy moisturizer that always gives me more hang time when I use it on my curls.  I know we should embrace the shrinkage and all but, we are still not friends to this day.  So I appreciate the extra length I get whenever I use this product.

Something else I've started doing to keep some of my length is blowdrying my hair instead of air drying.  Yes, I know it can be bad for the hair but I use grapeseed oil to seal in my moisture.  This is considered a heat protectant.  I can vouch for that seeing as how it saved my curls from heat damage several times in the past.  Also, I usually don't pull out the blowdryer until my hair has had a chance to dry a little.  When I feel the gel in my hair go crisp, that's when I know it is safe to start drying it without causing too much frizz.

My all-star lineup of products
Camille Rose's Curl Love Moisture Milk,
The Conditioner by Paul Mitchell,
Eco Gel and Grapeseed oil
My whole process is pretty simple.  I cleanse and condition my hair and scalp in the shower.  I detangle while I still have loads of conditioner in my hair because it gives me enough slip to detangle with my denman brush.  After that I towel dry my hair.  I know that is another no-no step but I like for my products to soak in to my hair so, the dryer the better.  I apply my leave-in conditioner first and follow up with the Moisture Milk.  I seal both of these in with grapeseed oil.  Finally, I section my hair and spritz it with water before applying my gel.  If I'm going to use my blowdryer, I wait about an hour before blowing out the roots and any damp areas.  Otherwise, I just leave it to air dry.

There you have it!  That is my current wash n' go routine for the summer.  When I think about it, it's really not that different from before but still has a few tweaks here and there.  Be sure to check out my video on how I did my wash and go previous to this.  That's all for now until next time!

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